Cuvee des Ormes, Sylvain Dussort

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Type: White Wine
Grape(s): Chardonnay
Wine Region: Burgundy, France

This is the estate’s flagship wine. Three hectares of Bourgogne Blanc is cultivated in the municipality of Meursault, divided into around 20 plots, the age of the vines varying from 15 to over 60 years. 

One vat is made from vines aged 15 to over 25 years, the “Cuvée des Coutures”; and a second from vines between 35 to over 60 years, the “Cuvée des Ormes”.

Harvested by hand, the wine is aged for 12 months in barrels on the lees. The wine is racked off once and assembled in a single vat before bottling. This takes place at between 16 and 18 months, depending on the vintage.

From a long line of winemakers and coopers based in Meursault, Sylvain Dussort took over the estate in 1982 with his wife, on the property where his grandparents used to live. Over the years, the estate has expanded with the acquisition of new vineyards, as well as the modernization and enlargement of the existing winery buildings.  

Suggested food and wine pairing:Fish and meats in white sauce.