Cornwall wine centre

Cornwall Wine Centre is a collaborative school of wine based in Cornwall. It brings the skill set of some of the best educators in the county together to be able to offer WSET education and bespoke programs for your company or individual needs. We focus on being able to allow you or your teams to get the best out of the WSET programs so that not only do you benefit personally from gaining knowledge from these fascinating subjects but that your business will gain in terms of direct sales and employee confidence. With access to the range of experience of our teachers means gives valuable insights to our multifaceted industry and the best possible chance to gain the most out of the WSET programs.

Meet the educators

Louisa Fitzpatrick

Louisa, from Old Chapel Cellars, has been in the wine industry for many years, her passion began during a years study in a winegrowing region of Germany. She could see the vineyards from the classroom. Since her early inception of wine Louisa became one of the most prominent wine buyers in the country creating a wine portfolio that catered for all aspects of the market. She now is partner of Old Chapel Cellars where she uses her knowledge to expand and develop the Old Chapel into an independent wine merchant with a customer and hospitality focus selling wines to some of the most sought after venues in Cornwall. 

Stuart Douglas

The One the Only….Stuart Douglas, Stuart started out in the hospitality side being brought up in a pub running the family business. This created a desire to be able to share what he had learnt through his experiences. He has been teaching WSET, BIAB and many other qualifications with a focus on drinks for a number of years. He has a fantastic manner and knows all the ways to help to get the best out of your education with us. 

Elly Owen

Elly has worked in hospitality for longer than she cares to remember, she became a sommelier whilst working for Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Cornwall and started her wine journey by doing the Level 2 with Stuart. The course became pivotal in her development into wine and over the years has become respected across the industry for her down to earth nature. In 2020 she became Imbibe Sommelier of the Year and is a member of the Champagne Academy. She is now business partner in the Old Garage wine and deli and cafe and has two shops and a cafe in Cornwall and offers a customer retail focused business with regular wine tasting and cocktail evenings. 

Steve Brown

A legend at Old Chapel Cellars. Steve loved wine so was often seen in the shop as a customer. He enjoyed getting to know the backstory of what he was drinking so he began working with Jamie 4 years ago. He has been a staple at the shop and integral to the growth of the Old Chapel, he is down to earth and in his previous life in the Fire Service he presented and trained colleagues across the county and beyond. He is a perfect teacher to be able to make sure that the courses are delivered at the appropriate level and that and that the students gain the most possible from the sessions.

Courses and costs

Wine Level 1 (course only)

£100 incl VAT

Wine Level 1 with exam

£125 ex VAT (£150 incl VAT)

Wine Level 2 with exam

£350 ex VAT (£420 incl VAT)

Wine Level 3 with exam

£625 ex VAT (£750 inc VAT)

Spirits Level 1 with exam

£125 ex VAT (£150 incl VAT)

To register your interest and find out more about the next available course dates please get in touch or head to our contact page.