As a B Corp accredited business, we’re committed to improving our environmental impact in an honest, transparent way. We’ll never tell you that moving wine around the world is an ultra-sustainable activity (at least not until carbon-free flights and shipping becomes a reality!) but we are doing what we can to affect local transport emissions. 

Hoffman Haulage

We invested in an eBike earlier this year, but we’ve now opted to work with St Austell-based Hoffmann Haulage 2 days a week for a large percentage of our Cornwall deliveries. Their electric van will deliver to your door, leaving you with great wines to enjoy and the satisfaction of doing your bit for the environment. 

We asked Andre, founder of Hoffmann Haulage, a few questions about why he set up the business and his vision for the future. 

What made you want to set up Hoffman Haulage?

We worked for almost 15 years for several businesses in the logistics sector, but when it came to sustainability most of them only did what was needed, but not the best thing possible. We wanted to prove that it’s possible to cut the emissions in freight transport to zero with the equipment on the market, and even in a rural location like Cornwall.

What is your vision for Hoffmann Haulage?

Our vision is to create a carbon free transport network for Cornwall and the South West. In the long run it would be great to find likeminded companies to create a nationwide carbon free transport network.

How do you compare to other Hauliers in the area?

As a start up we don’t need to replace a fleet or depot on the way to a net zero future. We can take all actions available to have the least environmental impact, actively creating a better future for following generations. We always look into the best possible solutions that are already on the market.

Finally, do you have a favourite wine or wine style that you enjoy the most?

We do like a fruity Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, and a smooth German Trollinger/Lemberger.
Hoffman Haulage