As you can imagine, shipping glass across the country has its challenges. Once leaving our shop we put our trust into the packaging we use to ensure the wines get to our lovely customers in the same condition as they left us. 

“Breakages in transit are the curse of the modern wine retailer. One breakage usually renders the rest of the case unsaleable, and the costs involved can be painful. On higher value or rare bottles, they may be irreplaceable altogether”. - Andrew Wilson (WBC Managing Director)

To concur the difficulties of shipping fragile goods, we have invested in Pulpsafe packaging, not only the most secure packaging for shipping our wine but the most sustainable too!

Pulpsafe is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable (taking less than 6 months to biodegrade in any household compost). The Pulp is made by combining water and recycled paper and then moulded using wet pressing technology. Not only have we found it to protect our easily breakable bottles, it also possesses the greenest possible eco-credentials.

So, you’ve received your wine, but what do you do with the box and Pulpsafe? The outer boxes we use are top quality so they would be great to repurpose as storage, upcycled for craft purposes or even cat entertainment, the possibilities are endless. Our Pulpsafe is maybe one you need some inspiration for. Turning it into compost is one option but they also work great in the garden. Why not make a fun upcycling activity out of it like one of our customers (and their kids!) has done with their Pulpsafe!