For the Diamantakis Family, it was their love and passion of for high quality wine paired with their long tradition in viticulture, that motivated them to established their winery in 2007. Nestled in a picturesque mountainous valley overlooking the Aegean Sea in northeastern Crete, their vineyards thrive on terraced slopes, benefiting from the cooling influence of altitude and sea breezes.

Under the stewardship of Zacharias Diamantakis, a young and talented viticulturist, the 26-acre estate flourishes. The primary goal of the Diamantakis family is to produce outstanding wines that harmonise seamlessly with the unique macroclimate of the region. Their focus lies in harnessing the potential of local grape varieties like Vidiano and Mandilaria, firmly believing in their ability to yield exceptional wines.

To find out more about their winemaking processes, vineyard influence and ultimate food pairings we reached out to Diamantaskis to find out more!

How does the climate and soil of your vineyards influence the expression of Syrah in your Prinos Syrah wine?
In order to answer this question, I'll give some information about the soil and climate of the area where the vineyards are located.

Soil composition: Calcium-clay, argil-clay and limestone, Training method: Integrated vineyard management,
Elevation: 350m – 550m,
Sun exposure: Northeast, exposed in sea winds from the Aegean Sea,
Harvest time: 25th August – 15th September

So, the main goal for our Syrah is to maintain its fruity characteristics and freshness. The vineyards are at a high altitude, well cooled by the sea breeze and well adjusted in the soil of the area.

The Prinos White is Malvasia di Candia Aromatica 50% & Chardonnay 50%. What characteristics do each of these grapes bring to the wine?
The result of blending Malvasia di Candia Aromatica and Chardonnay is a balanced and aromatic dry white wine. Malvasia gives generously its aromas in this rich wine, while Chardonnay offers sophistication and finesse in the mouth, with a long aftertaste.

What food pairings do you recommend to complement the flavours of Prinos White?
We'd recommend pairing Prinos White with light food such as poultry and because it is fruity it goes well with salads and fruit. Its lemony character goes also well fish and seafood.

We understand that Liatiko is a distinctive grape variety of Crete. For someone who has never had a wine of this variety, what can they expect?
Liatiko is a popular indigenous variety that stands out for its light colour and unique aromatic profile that evolves well over time and becomes more complex. Dried fruits and herbal aromas appear after ageing! Someone tasting this variety for the first time should expect a well balanced red dry wine, with a full mouth and a long aftertaste, despite its light colour!

Are there any particular vineyard practices or winemaking methods you employ specifically to ensure that the Liatiko grape expresses itself in the desired manner in the Petali Liatiko Red wine?
We employ a classic red vinification for this wine, an extraction for 5 – 7 days and a 25-30% of whole bunch fermentation at low temperatures, in order to preserve the fruity character and the freshness of the grape variety. Then the wine is matured for 12 months in stainless steel tanks, before bottling.

Could you describe the grape varietals included in Diamantopetra White and how they interact to create its flavour profile?
The varietal composition of Diamantopetra White is Vidiano 50% and Assyrtiko 50%. The potential of Assyrtiko and the uniqueness of Vidiano, two of the most distinguished white Greek grape varieties, are combined to give a wine of a perfect balance, framed by the caress of a barrel that complements by adding depth and complexity. Our choice of these two grape varieties was not random at all. Each grape variety separately attributes in a different way in the wine profile. Vidiano offers all the aromas and complexity whereas Assyrtiko gives the acidity, which contributes to a pleasant wine with high aging potential.

In your opinion, what makes Diamantopetra White a compelling choice for wine enthusiasts seeking something unique and memorable?
What makes Diamantopetra White a compelling choice for wine enthusiasts is the perfect expression of two unique native varieties, Vidiano and Assyrtiko, that are well balanced in this fine wine. As mentioned above, the result of this combination gives a full-bodied aromatic wine with refreshing acidity.

What dishes do you envision pairing with Diamantopetra White?
This wine pairs well with oily fish, like salmon, tuna, sardines and of course all seafood, sushi, oysters. We would also pair it with white meat such as herb marinated chicken and why not with lamb where the high acidity of Diamantopetra White is a perfect match. It also accompanies well rich and smoked yellow cheese.