We’re taking you behind the scenes here at Old Chapel Cellars and introducing you to the beating heart of our business – our people!

Retired Firefighter Steve has been with us for over 4 years and what a great asset to the team he makes – here’s a quick Q&A to help you get to know him…

Steve Brown, Old Chapel Cellars

Before you joined the team, you were one of Old Chapel’s loyal customers! What made you keep coming back?

Jamie was a friend, and we used to sit outside the shop drinking wine and playing chess during the quiet spells, dreaming that we were sitting in the Mediterranean somewhere. Good wine and above average company - why wouldn't you come back?!
How did you end up becoming part of the team?

I left the Fire Service in April 2018 and enjoyed coming to the shop to see Jamie in my retirement. He was short-staffed for some of the tastings events, so I offered to help out with pouring the wines. I didn’t have much knowledge of wine back then, but found it interesting hearing about the different grape varieties and wine making techniques. From there I went on to help out more in the shop during the day and things snowballed from there…

Can you describe your role, and how it’s evolved over time?

 So, my role started supporting the shop in any way I could. Over time I’ve moved into the wholesale side of the business, which means I spend more of my time in the warehouse and out and about around Cornwall, doing deliveries to all our lovely wholesale customers.

 What part of your job do you most enjoy?

Going home at 3pm! But no seriously, it’s the customer interaction and getting to talk to people about wine. It’s an endlessly interesting product which brings people together.

What’s your favourite style of wine?

 My current favourite country for wine at the moment is Italy. In terms of style, I like my reds big and bold, but I'm starting to enjoy white wine more now - especially in the sunnier months. Crisp and refreshing but not too fruity is my preference!

 What bottle will you be taking home at the weekend?

 A bottle of Chianti and a nice Verdicchio for me. Both easy-drinking and food-friendly, as I find most Italian wines are!  

 If you could travel to any wine region in the world, where would it be?

That’s a hard one. I’d have to say South Africa or South America, having never been to either before and it would be a great adventure.