We’re taking you behind the scenes here at Old Chapel Cellars and introducing you to the beating heart of our business – our people!

It is thanks to Emily that we’re upping our game in the world of digital marketing! Emily joined us as part of the government Kickstarter Programme and we’re forever thankful that we found her. She studied Interior Design and has used her graphic design experience to revamp our look here at Old Chapel Cellars, effectively undertaking a complete rebranding.

Infinitely resourceful and full of great ideas, she loves to see a project through to completion - a perfect example being her overhaul of our old website into something sparkly and new! Emily breezed her WSET Level 1 in Wines and Level 1 in Spirits in June and got the highest mark of her class for the Level 2 in February, achieving a distinction. She lives in St Newlyn East, where she enjoys coastal walks, being a golf widow, and playing badminton. With Emily driving things forward we’re really excited to see what the future holds for us!     


What first brought you into the world of wine?

Old Chapel Cellars is truly where my wine journey began. Coming into the business as graphic designer, I saw working for a wine shop as just a bonus! However, it didn’t take long before I became completely fascinated by the world of wine and all there is to learn. I can now say I have found a pure enjoyment for learning as much as I can about wine, and hope to visit some vineyards in New Zealand and Australia on my travels later in the year.

What’s your role here at Old Chapel Cellars?

I started off as a graphic designer, with my main role being to rebrand the business. I created a new logo design and rolled it out across our branded material. I also had the pleasure of designing our wine list brochure to be used by trade customers. Recently, my job title has changed to reflect my current and future responsibilities within the business. I am now the Digital Marketing Manager with my main focus on redesigning the new website for Old Chapel Cellars. Working closely with our Shop Manager Jake, I also contribute to improving the look of the store and help to come up with promotional ideas for the store and our online platforms.

What’s your favourite wine style?

I’ve never found much enjoyment from drinking heavier styles in either whites or reds. I much prefer those lighter styles, like crisp and aromatic Italian whites or, if it's a special occasion, I do love a Sancerre! I also really enjoy a selected few from our Rioja range, like our Palacio del Camino Real.

In what ways do you help people try new wine?

I really think that introducing single bottle deals is a great way to encourage people to try new wines without feeling like they’re breaking the bank. As part of my growing role here at Old Chapel Cellars I will be creating monthly promotions and deals to roll out across our website, so I hope that I can encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and try some of the exciting offers we have coming up.

What’s your favourite thing to be asked by a customer in-store?

I quite enjoy when people come into the shop asking for a particular flavour from their wine, like notes of chocolate, spice or caramel for example. I’m currently completing my WSET Level 2 and I also study our fun tasting notes for each wine, so I enjoy taking people round our store and finding something that not only matches their desired taste but is something they’ve never tried before.

What bottle will you be taking home at the weekend?

Gavi Tenuta del Melo. Originally recommended by a colleague, it has become my new Friday night go-to! If you haven’t already tried the Gavi we stock then you can check it out here. Which wine regions would you most like to visit?

Which wine region of the world would you most like to visit?

I would have to say New Zealand as I have already planned a visit there this November! I have some research to do first, but I would love to visit some of the vineyards we stock wine from, like Hawksdrift in Marlborough. I also have plans to head over to Australia later in the year too so I would love to visit some vineyards in New South Wales.